My Black Thought

I want to be apart of the change but I feel unseen. I want to be a voice of the change but I feel unheard. I witness too many self riotous attitudes and social media activists moving all of their egos in one room which is preventing any long term transition. Some will say I’m complaining though. I want to be heard but not necessarily having to use megaphone to translate my thoughts. As a Black woman I’ve always felt like I had to be the loudest in the room in order for my opinion to matter. Feeling like I need to have 2,000 followers on Instagram just for someone to take me seriously. Feeling like I have to be a Harriet Tubman, when really I’m a Maya Angelou. My revolution begins with my words.

Speaking of revolution, we are ill prepared for one. And I feel like the first step to that is changing the Black thought. We are living in the definition of history repeating itself but yet, no variation of action. No I don’t have all the answers, nor do I want to sound like a know it all, but in order for the true advancement of Black people, there must be a shift in Black thought. A shift in thought is created by recognizing and separating the conscious and the ego. Being able to isolate thought from how we define ourselves to be. Not trying to get to deep here. I don’t want to lose you.

The same amount of time we’re spending handwriting a read and canceling these celebrities (because let’s be honest, 90% of them don’t even know the three branches of government) we can use half of that energy towards things for us and our community. We are wasting our own time. Yes there are Black people who don’t see our vision nor care to, yes there are Black people who are taking advantage of this time to come up on free stuff because they are too afraid to find out what a work ethic is, and yes there are Black people who are just simply uneducated about our history and how it’s representation today has yet to seek any form of progression. But, right now we have to leave them where they are. Hear me when I say that we are not against those people. We will get them together eventually. But don’t be apart of a cancel culture that can put you up as their next victim for not liking the same Black Lives Matter header as them. Stop being apart of a culture that perpetuates mental illness for a like and a laugh. Don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. Don’t want to lose you, or my composure.

I know I’m rambling. But I say all this to say, it’s easy for people to stand up for Black women when the bar is set as high as tweeting “Black women are the blueprint” but not holding your homie accountable for sexual assault. It’s easy to say “I’m not my ancestors” but won’t pick up a book to comprehend ALL that they have endured. I want to be spared. We as a culture need enlightenment. We need a shift in our conscious thought and egos. We need to stop looking for validation in a group who didn’t think our life was important until it happened to their Black friends ( yes these people can be masked as allies) and we need to stop bringing our plastic knives a gun fight. We’re going to lose every time.

This is Kalei Marie, and that is my Black thought.

P.S. I am not above this. I am speaking to myself as well as the masses.

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