It's Hard Being Superwoman...

You ever feel want to take your cape off, put your mask in your drawer, give your burdens to someone else and not do anything, for at least 2 weeks? Me too sis. But unfortunately, we don't have the time to do so. Between working, being in school, making sure your mental and emotional health in in tact, having a social life, saving money, and investing in yourself are the necessities, and those alone are exhausting. What's triggering is, when do people actually check on us to make sure we're okay. Yes, we're adults and should be capable of making our own decisions, but we'er human, and sometimes life knows how to knock us down. Is anyone else there to make sure we can get back up?

One thing I notice about us as Black women, is that we'll go to bat for anyone, even those who don't necessarily put us first. Men, Black men, to be precise. No this isn't the "let's bash black men expo" or anything like that. But let's be transparent here, there too many times where we come to the rescue or defend our men and sometimes they turn the other cheek. For example, a sister had to curse out an owner of a corner store for calling her child a nigger. And in the background, you see a bunch of Black men, standing in line proceeding to spend their money at this racist establishment, while my girl continues to not only speak up for her child, but the injustices that this country has against Black people, and Black men especially. And still, not one of those men decided to a little as put their items back and spend their money at a place where the people look like us. I was furious not only for that child, but for that woman, who like many of us, continues to fight a battle that a small amount of people want to partake in.

Not wanting to mention him, but your good friend Mr. Robert Kelly had woman jumping up left and right paying his bail and his child support. Women, supporting a man who has multiple source of evidence of not only being physically and emotionally abusive, but sleeping with underaged girls. Just sick and sad. Whats interesting is the difference between us and white women; they put their race before their gender. Let's let that sink in.

To be clear, I'm not saying we should stop fighting. That's what makes us unique. However, we need to put time in supporting ourselves and each other. It takes a village, no matter how young or old. Very few will take the time out of their day to simply ask how you're feeling. So this is your challenge for the week. Call up one of your girlfriends. Whether she's a student, full time mom, working in corporate America, unemployed, etc. A little goes a long way, and sometimes getting it off of our chest makes our load seem a little less heavy.

With Love,

Kalei Marie

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