Is A Boyfriend Ready For You?

Updated: May 12, 2020

I want all my single ladies to listeeennn!! Hear me when I say that first and foremost, you are NEVER alone. God is always with us sisters. I know especially when those late nights hit that it's easier said than done. Some might even think it's superficial. But, its real. Nothing more nothing less, and a HARD lesson that I'm still getting through. Because trust, those nights when you're on your second glass of wine, and wanting a body can be tempting. And don't let it be raining okay! But girls, it is not text your ex season okay! We shouldn't just want a twitter follower, or a toxic ex from the past to satisfy us because we have a moment of weakness. Most important we can just give any of these n*ggas our time. STAND STRONG IN YOUR SINGLENESS. Because let's be honest, are you really ready to give someone your vibe that you know might not be consistent?

I want you to ask yourself this question: "Am I aware of my toxic traits? We all have them, and probably one of the very reasons why a lot of relationships didn't work out or potential ones didn't manifest. Getting personal here, I open up waaayyy to quickly. I have to tell myself girl he doesn't need to know my life story in the first two weeks. When you find someone and you two instantly hit it off, everything seems perfect, so my mind speaks before my brain can think rationally.But that's just it. Not everything is perfect. Are you really going to keep that same energy 1 month down the line? Are your communications skills going to be up to par? Will you maintain that same energy that you first introduced to him or her? I think that the lesson here is not only that we need to let things happen organically, but before we can get to that point, we have to check ourselves. We don't realize that we're also putting someone else's mental and emotional health in danger when we don't put in the work that we need for us!

We have plenty of time to date or spend time with a significant other. But there are three things I want you to do:

1. Find a hobby! (I know that may sound corny, but I swear it works)

2. If you're feeling lonely, get the girls together and have a fun night full of estrogen!

3. Take some self care days. Pray, meditate, do some soul searching.

The more time we take for ourselves, the better we become.

With Love,

Kalei Marie

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