Are your L’s Losses or Lessons?

Updated: May 12, 2020

You guys, do you ever feel like you’ve been experiencing the same thing over and over again? Not really understanding why you’re going through these motions, but wanting to somehow overcome whatever obstacle thats leading you back or keeping you from realizing the actually lesson here. Honestly, I had the issue of not letting the past stay where it is. I know that God has a sense of humor and will continue to put us through things because we honestly haven‘t learned the true lesson. I know that some of us can talk a good game, but are actually taking the time to shut the hell up and notice how the universe is moving?

Like I said, I can’t leave things where they’re supposed to be. Yes, simple and sad I know, but I keep running across people...guys to be exact, and bringing them back into my life even though our relations before never worked out. I try to convince myself that “maybe they’re back for a reason” or “if it’s love it will come back”. But as I sit in my bed, and after the third guy came and went faster than we exchanged numbers, I had to be honest with myself. There’s no reason to force someone back into your life, or try to replay a situation in which I KNOW isn’t going to work. I was beating myself up thinking “oh my God, I lost another one” when it was really m

Ladies, PAY ATTENTION. If that guy showed you that he was an asshole 3 years ago, or that “friend” that never was really proud of your success, leave them where they are. Not saying that people can’t change, but you must be true to you first, and create boundaries that won’t allow you the accept people or behavior that is unwanted in your spiritual journey. Trust the process, and be still. Quietly assess what you’ve learned and even check yourself. It takes two to tango. Most importantly, stop going back to things simply because they are familiar. Trust me, it puts you in line to ride the same busted ride and the neighborhood carnival that they are too lazy to fix.

With Love,

Kalei Marie

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