A Letter to 2019

365 days seems like it lasted twice as long this time. A time of trials, turmoils...

2019 was like being in a big ass room and when you finally found the exit, you were right back where you started. Or like, finding yourself trapped in an elevator where the music just keeps getting louder and you can't hear yourself think.

Feeling like the clouds are too close to the ground.

Handing that $200 back to the bank because it wasn't going to last anyway...

But since life isn't some Matrix movie, the madness didn't last forever.

And we became stronger than our circumstances

Depression finally figured out that he was not welcome in your home

And you have the brightest smile when the sun hits your skin

And your friends have better days when you're around

These 365 days will no longer weigh on your shoulders

But will fly in the wind and be the dust that lays on your path of progression

So, in this new decade

May we pray on good days and bad

Be our own light when we feel the tunnel has no end

And be sure to always make a lesson from the lemons life throws us

We may have been down, but never defeated

To 2019, thank you.

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